Harvey Korman and Tim Conway in A Bicentennial Minute from “The Carol Burnett Show”. During rehearsals I found a way to keep breaking the drum over Harvey’s head, he was a good sport.


  1. Wanda Nenstiel

    Hi Mr. Conway , as I was trying on a pair of shoes in one of our department stores yesterday another lady near by was doing the same thing. What she had must not have been exactly right for her so she got up an,d, and since the shoes were ‘tied’ together she had to’shuffle’. I told her it reminded me of your Old Maestro and the Dentist sketches I had seen on the Carole Burnette show a long time ago.
    I still laugh whenever I see one of them, but I think my favorite, and most fondly remembered, is the one of the British hero who only wanted a pony from the Queen.
    Thank you for wonderful memories and lots of laughter over the years.

  2. Joe Honeycutt

    Thanks for all the years of laughter, and fun. You are one of the funniest people ever in show business. More than that you are a gentleman.

  3. Hal Wright

    Tim, I’ve always wanted to tell you this, as I think you would appreciate it. This is a true story, by the way. I was a kid when the Carol Burnett Show aired. I hardly missed a show, and you were my favorite. One night I’ll never forget, I was sick as a dog with a stomach ailment. Just miserable. You came on with one of your “Oldest Man” skits, and I started to laugh uncontrollably. In fact, I laughed so hard I had to run to the bathroom and … empty out. And boy, did I feel better. So to me you’ve always been the guy who made a sick kid laugh so hard he got well. You’re still the best prescription for laughter and smiles this old kid can remember. God bless you, Mr. Conway.

  4. Laura Confino

    I remember watching the Carol Burnett show with my grandmother as a child. Tim Conway and Harvey Korman always made us laugh the hardest and the most. I’ve loved you guys ever since those days and always wanted to meet you. Tim Conway was my childhood hero who always made name laugh no matter what mood I was in or what was going on in my life. Thank you Tim Conway for the fond memories and the laughs. No other show will ever be as funny as the Carol Burnett show and no other comedians can ever compare They just don’t make em’ like they used to!

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